On Saturday Sept. 23rd. our club held its annual work detail along with the ladies doing the mass mailing of the membership applications in the clubhouse. The clearing of the four miles of rail bed from the
Burnin Barrel Bar to the Log Cabin Inn is needed each year to remove any downed trees and all the encroaching brush that tends to overtake the trail at various locations. Dave Frost with the use of his tractor and brush hog did a wonderful job of clearing the trail floor. The briars/brush that was on both sides of the trail were then trimmed  by the rest of our trail team that consisted of Edgar Shelmire, Walt Domarew, Mike Van Ess, Brian Shoop, Nicole Shoop, and Jim Baney.  
    The ladies who prepared the membership applications for mailing also prepared a delicious lunch for the trail crew that was very much appreciated. A very big thank you goes out to Marce Van Ess, Mary Domarew and June Baney for a wonderful lunch and a fine job on the mass mailing of the membership applications. A great job done by everyone!
Think Snow

3-17 Trail Report

Welcome to the first trail report on the new website. Looks like Stella dropped between 4" to the west and
upwards of 20" in eastern Tioga. No base prior so conditions are likely to vary. Cold weather looks to hold
for the weekend with a little snow possibly Friday night and Saturday. Enjoy the ride if you get out and please
respect our landowners. Happy sledding.