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    March 27, 2009

    Web Site:
    Nuttin - Honey! Only four days left in the riding season. I am not putting my snowmobile trailer away for the summer yet. Actually, I can't, the ground is too soft. * Don't forget the outdoor show in Cross Fork tomorrow. * Sunday is the last breakfast for the God's Country/Black Forest Snowmobile Club. See you there!

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    march 25, 2009

    There are only a few days left in the riding season and it doesn't look very promising. * One of our business members, the Coach Stop Inn, has been doing some interior remodeling of their lounge, lobby and dining room. They are also going to have some new art and drawings on the walls by one of their employees. They hope to reopen by this Friday. Don't forget to check out our business member section of this site. Support the people who support snowmobiling.

    March 23, 2009

    We had a couple of flurries yesterday, but that's about it. Still no big snows in the forecast. Hope is fading fast. * I was just watching ten deer out of the window at 7 am this morning. That is the most I have seen together this year. * Brutis is out of hibernation and is very hungry. He trashed my neighbors bird feeders the other night. We have had bears come on our deck in the middle of the day this time of year. When they first wake up, there is not very much natural food available. I will keep the feeders away for the next couple of months. * There is a red flag warning for much of the state today. The weather bureau posts this when the conditions for brush fires is high.

    March 19, 2009

    There is a little snow in the forecast, but not near enough to amount to a riding snow. * We met at the clubhouse yesterday to put labels & stamps on our trout tournament brochure envelopes. The tournament is our main fundraiser. (we can't rely on mother nature to give us enough snow to schedule something snow related) There is a downloadable & printable application on this website under 'events' * There were some complaints this year about snowmobiles not dimming their headlights when riding near highway traffic. Always dim your headlights when near other traffic including snowmobiles. These newer headlights are a lot brighter than the ones on older sleds.

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    March 17, 2009

    Web Site: Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
    Two years ago, we had a whole lot of snow on this day. It's not in the cards for this year!* UPCOMING EVENTS > King of the hill snowmobile hill climb this Saturday March 21 at Ski Sawmill.*Kettle Creek annual outdoor show next Saturday march 28 - Cross Fork, PA * The God's Country snowmobile club has just two more Sunday Breakfasts left for this season and that will be it until next season.

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    March 16, 2009

    I took a ride over to Little Big Horn Lodge to visit with a couple of friends. We went to the God's Country S.C. breakfast and got a look at their new groomer. It's a beaut! * No snow in the forecast - yet. * I saw some people out digging leeks on Saturday. Spring is almost here.

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    March 13, 2009

    I received a call from my friend, Pam Andrus this afternoon. Pam is the hard working president of the God's Country/Black Forest Snowmobile Club. She informed me that their new groomer was picked up and will be at their clubhouse by Sunday morning. Stop by for one of their great breakfasts and take a peek at the new groomer. Wouldn't it be great if we had a late march snowstorm so they could try it out!

    March 12, 2009

    It is snowing right now but it is just a teaser snow. It will probably just be a dusting. There are no major snowstorms forecast for the next few days. Don't forget our meeting tonight if you are in the area.

    March 9, 2009

    I just received a picture from Bob of Bob's Arctic Cat showing him with Todd Palin and a couple of other familiar faces. The picture was taken at the Arctic Cat Convention in Las Vegas. Bob asked Mr. Palin if he received the membership that we sent him. He said that they had received so many boxes of stuff and that his in-laws were sorting through it all. Thanks, Bob. * Why should I join the club? --your membership helps support the club and the many things it does to support the sport. Trail clearing of brush and downed trees, drainage improvements, GROOMING of the trails along with daily reports to and from DCNR concerning trail conditions and any problems that might arise. They let us know what trails they have groomed and we let them know of any rough conditions that we might have encountered in the Tioga State Forest. We also report to them on the trails that we have groomed. Also, when a tree comes down across any of the trails that we are responsible for, we go and cut it.. If it is on one of the state maintained trails, we notify the forestry district where the problem exists. We have also spent hours in meetings and in the courthouse checking land ownership. * Speaking of meetings, ours is this Thursday night at the clubhouse on route 6, 7:30pm. Stop in and get to meet some of the members.

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    March 6, 2009

    The weather clock is ticking and it doesn't look good as far as snow possibilities go, but I refuse to put my sled away until April 1st. * I heard that the God's Country/Black Forest club finally got their groomer grant check. They have been working on this for a few years now and it finally paid off. There was a lot of hard work and perseverance that went into this. Great Job Guys!

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    March 2, 2009

    We have very cold temps and a little bit of snow. This is the third snowstorm this year that has passed to the South or East of us. I keep watching for that big one to come and am keepng my fingers crossed.

    Feb. 28, 2009

    Web Site:
    We are having a little light snow this morning, but it is nowhere near enough to ride on. We have had a rideable snow in March for the last four or five years, so I'm not throwing in the towel yet! *** The March issue of Mountain Home magazine just came out today and there is a very nice article about our club on page 36 & 37. This magazine is printed in Wellsboro and is circulated from Elmira NY to Harrisburg PA. It is a free publication and if it is not available in your area, you can see it on the web at * 2:30pm I just checked their website and while the printed edition is out, the web still has last month's issue on it. They will probably have it updated in the next day or two. JM

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    Feb. 26, 2009

    We are going to get some warm weather for the next few days, but don't put that sled away for the summer yet! After all, what's the hurry? You can ride until April 1st and we rode on March 20 two years ago. There is some colder weather coming back next week. * HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILMER!

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    Feb. 23, 2009

    We had an inch or so of snow last night. * They are getting hammered up in New Hampshire. * I saw I large bear yesterday while I was checking my sap lines. I couldn't get close enough for a picture. I had Augie with me & I was afraid that he would go after the bear & end up getting hurt. * If you look at today's picture, you will see a porch roof made of ice. There was a tarp under the ice with a 2x4 attached to it. I guess the weight of the snow & ice on the 2x4 pushed it out from under the ice, leaving a roof made of ice & snow.

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    Feb. 21, 2009

    My wife & I drove over to the God's Country winter picnic today. I was very surprised to see sleds over there. I have not had any reports of snow over that way. I did get a report that there was some snow over in Potter Co., but the reporter said that was almost a week ago. If I had known that there was enough snow to ride, I would have trailered my sled to the picnic and rode while my wife played B_I N G O . We are supposed to get some snow tonight and I would like to ride over to the God's Country breakfast from the Colton Point entrance to the canyon. I went by there tonight on my way home from the picnic and there is enough snow to ride once you get past the parking lot. There is not enough snow to start out from our clubhouse. If anyone wants to ride over to the breakfast, call me tonight at 814-258-7553. Please don't call after midnight!

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    Feb. 20, 2009

    There are a slew of you hitting on this site for the last couple of days. I wish that I had better news for you. There is only 2 inches of more snow in the forecast for this weekend. There might be some desperation riding in some of the higher areas, but none of the groomed trails that we love to ride. * Our clubhouse will not be open this weekend due to a lack of snow. Also, the God's Country S.C. winter picnic is tomorrow and most of our active members will be over there. ****Today is HOODIE-HOO DAY! This is a day when a bunch of fantical winter haters gather at noon and shout HOODIE-HOO to scare off winter and bring on spring. In these parts, they meet at the Gold Store in Potter County. They have brainwashed my wife and she is over there with that evil cult! I guess I will have to find an Exorcist to ward off these demons. It was even mentioned on the Paul Harvey Show today. They are growing and are becoming a force to be reckoned with!

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    Feb. 19, 2009

    Web Site:
    8am - We received about 2 inches of snow last night. We didn't get the rain that was forecast, but we still don't have enough snow to ride. It is snowing at the moment and there is a possibility of another couple of inches. I will post an update later on this afternoon. THINK SNOW! * Don't forget the God's Country S.C. Winter Picnic this Saturday. * 10:30am - Wilmer just called to check in and see how much snow we have. I will probably get a call from Sneads Ferry, North Carolina next! ** 7:00pm Update - I sure wish I had something positive to report here, but this is the 'No Bull' trail report and I can't report on what might be. I checked the other snocams in the area and while they have a little more snow than what is here, I don't see any large amounts. Remember, we want to ride too, but not on rocks. If we get any reports of good riding snow, we will post them. Sorry that there is not a more positive report, but it is what it is!

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    Feb. 18, 2009

    It was 28 degrees when I woke up this morning and it is 5:30pm and it is still 28 degrees. It is snowing at the moment, but the forecasters are saying it will change to rain. I hope they are wrong! Will update as conditions change.

    Feb. 17, 2009

    Web Site: SNOW???
    The Snow word is back in the forecast again. There is also freezing rain, sleet and rain mentioned in the forecast. This is going to be one of those 'Wait and See' type of storms. I will publish updates on the weather as they become available. Say a little snow prayer before going to bed tonight.

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    Feb. 16, 2009

    Dick Jones trapped a nice Bobcat with Ron Andrus doing some scouting.

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    Feb. 15, 2009

    We drove over to the God's Country all-you-can-eat Sunday breakfast. This weeks breakfast was paid for by Lobar Inc. It was a fundraiser for the groomer fund. This was a very generous move on behalf of Lobar, a true friend of the sport of snowmobiling. Because of a lack of snow, the turnout was not near as big as it could have been. The President's day weekend is usually a snowy one with lots of sledders in the area.

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    Feb. 14, 2009

    Web Site: Valentine's Day
    It is a sad Valentine's Day as I look out the window searching for snow and see none. No trail report today. Don't forget the free breakfast tomorrow at the God's Country Snowmobile Club.

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    Feb, 13, 2009

    When I woke this morning, everything was white. You can't ride on it, but at least it proves that 'It ain't over til it's over'. There were a whole bunch of squirrels out by the snogauge and Augie saw them from the window. When I let him out there were squirrels running every which way.

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    Feb. 12, 2009

    Web Site:
    It really rained very hard last night. I kept thinking - If only this was snow! Well, it is snowing right now but I don't think we will get enough to ride. The cold temps are coming back, but there are no big storms in the forecast. A lot of you like to come to the area for a 3 day weekend but it looks like this one is a washout.*Don't forget the free breakfast this Sunday at the God's Country / Black Forest Snowmobile Club. It is compliments of Lobar Inc. and the club. This is a fundraiser for their groomer fund and all contributions are welcome. Hope to see you there!

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    Feb. 9, 2009

    We are wearing black arm bands to mourn the loss of our snow. The trails were in such fantastic shape! ** Our monthly meeting is this Thursday night at 7:30 pm. If you are in the area, please come by and join us. The clubhouse is located on route 6 just across from the Coach Stop Inn.

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    Feb. 8, 2009

    We lost a lot of snow and there are many bare trails. The snow that is there is too soft to ride on. Just when the trails were getting good! Oh well, we had to start over after the December snow, we can do it again. It looks like it is going to stay warm for the next few days, say your snow prayers.

    Feb. 7, 2009

    We still have snow! I hope we can survive the next few days of warmer weather. ** I received a couple of emails recently and I tried to respond but it wouldn't go through. Sometimes the security settings on your machines won't accept my emails, but I did try to respond.

    Feb. 6, 2009

    Six of us rode Thursday and went down to Haneyville. The trails in the Tioga State Forest were as smooth as a baby's behind! Some of the trails that we hit in 'other districts' were groomed, but you could feel the bumps under the snow. We are going to run our groomer this morning and the DCNR guys are going to be out there too. ** 8pm Update Dave & I groomed the Left Asaph and the McCarthy Trail as well as the Supply trail and the Goodall Rd. The guys went riding out the West Rim Rd. and then down the Mine Hole and over to Pat Reeder's for lunch. They said all the trails were in great shape. We are hoping that this slight warming trend doesn't hurt the trails too much.

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    Feb. 4, 2009

    The Tioga State Forest DCNR groomers are out today. They will be out tomorrow and tomorrow night as well as Friday and Friday night. The temps might be too warm to groom on Saturday. They might be out Sunday night as well.Our club's groomer will be grooming the trails in the Asaph area tomorrow and Friday.

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    Feb. 3, 2009

    The guys are going to meet and ride today. I have some 'Honey Dos' to catch up on around the homestead. I will get a report from them this afternoon. The weather report for the next week or so does not look so hot, or should I say cold. It looks like there might be a warming trend for a few days followed by some more cold weather. As always, the weather report is subject to change without notice. ** 5pm weather update-All day today the radio and TV weather forecasts said 'Cloudy With Snow' but it was 'Sunny With No' Would you let your daughter marry a weatherman? ** The guys aren't back from riding yet, so my trail report won't be posted until late tonight. I have a meeting to attend and won't return home til late. ** 10pm Update! Dave called and said the trails in the Tioga district were in good shape. They rode until 6pm tonite.

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    Feb. 2, 2009

    E-Mail: How Bout Those Steelers!
    Web Site: Happy Groundhog's Day
    We have again reached the point where we need some more snow. There is plenty in the woods, but the trails are getting worn thin. Colton road had a lot of bare spots in the curves where it usually wears first. The ice base under the snow is worn through on these curves. We have snow showers on the menu for the next few days. This gives the weatherman lots of lee-way.

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    Feb. 1, 2009

    Web Site: Super Bowl Sunday
    What is 13,829? Answer - The number of hits on this site for the month of January. ** I am getting ready to go over to the clubhouse and meet up with some riders to go to the God's Country breakfast. Dave & Tom are going by car and then will be back at our clubhouse. We will be there until 3 or so. ** They served over 312 breakfasts today at the God's Country S.C. ** The trails really got hammered today! Ridge rd. from the top down to E. Shambaker was the worst. West Rim Rd was getting pretty bumpy.

    Jan. 31, 2009

    We don't report rumors, but what the heck, the weatherman has been doing it for a living! All we have to say is, enjoy the weekend and keep an eagle eye on the forecast for the next few days. This eagle was just settin' in a tree along route 6 just chillin' out watching traffic go by. ** PM Report - The club would like to thank all the good people who came by our clubhouse today to enjoy a free hot dog and spend some time (And a little money) with us. We totally enjoyed your company and appreciate your support. Darryl even made it! I can't help thinking of the three lttle pigs. There is poor Darryl toiling at work while his siblings frolic in the snow! Well, his efforts paid off and he is now out there enjoying the fruits of his labors. Who be this Darryl? The shadow knows! ** Augie the doggy has developed a following and has his own fan club. He is an evil little dog and is totally undeserving of this adoration. NOT! He is just a little free spirited and loves the snow just as much as his master. ** We will be meeting at our clubhouse at a little before nine tomorrow morning and riding over to the God's country breakfast. ** I was at the clubhouse all day today and while I was there the turkeys that I have been trying to lure in finally came into the snocam range. My wonderful bride was at home and snapped these pics with the snocam. I have seen these turkeys back in our woods and have been trying to lure them in for a few weeks now.

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    Jan. 30, 2009

    Happiness is ------Hearing the snowplow go past your house early in the morning! We received some more snow from the snow gods overnight. **Dave and Tom are going to groom North of route 6 in the Asaph area. I am going to take the Skandic and groom the trail behind the clubhouse between Ansonia and the Log Cabin Restaurant. We are then going to meet at noon and take a ride somewhere. Don't forget to come by the clubhouse tomorrow for a free hot dog.** 8pm Report! Dave & Tom groomed the Left Asaph this morning and Roy is supposed to groom the Right Asaph this afternoon. I groomed the railroad trail behind the clubhouse from Ansonia to the Log Cabin Restaurant. We met for lunch and ran into Darryl's pals again. They were very sad that Darryl wasn't with them. They tried to hide their sadness with great big grins, but they weren't fooling me! ** Edgar and I took a 'short' ride after lunch. (fifty miles) This snow is kind of weird, it won't pack down, but the good news is that there are almost none of those pesty moguls to pound you to death. The snow is very loose and your sled is floating around a lot. I will take this over being beat up by moguls. When I topped off at the gas station tonight, I could see that riding in this kind of snow really hurts the ole gas mileage. ** The rabbit in tonight's snocam picture kept sneaking up on the deer in the picture. The deer would poke the rabbit with his/her nose and the rabbit would jump out of the way. I watched this for about 15 minutes before I could snap a pic.

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    Jan. 29, 2009

    We are going to meet later this morning and take a ride. There should be some great conditions out there. Will post a report later this afternoon. ** Augie the doggy likes to help me plow snow. He stands on the ATV like he is on a surfboard. He sits down when I put it in reverse. *** 6pm Update! Four of us met and rode over to the Hotel Manor in Slate Run for lunch. The trails were in great shape and all freshly groomed. I hope it lasts because this snow does not pack well and in some spots was quite loose and lumpy. Not the groomer's fault! The snow is dry and if it doesn't make a good snowball, chances are it won't groom well either. The sleds were a little loose and moved around a lot because the snow was not a good grooming snow. Sometimes, the snow will change as the temps change. It should be good riding this weekend, but this snow does not pack down as well as it did last week.

    Click Image

    Jan. 28, 2009

    Web Site: SNOW!
    It's time to pack you bags and tell yous spouse - 'If there is snow I/we must go!' Look in our business member section for places to stay and dine. I bet there are a few of you out there that sold your sleds in the past year because of a lack of snow. Eat your hearts out! ** This snow is blowing and drifting a little. There is more coming with maybe a little sleet and freezing rain before turning back to all snow. ** Augie the doggy is watching a couple of deer while waiting for me to take him for a ride. **PM Report! The Tioga State Forest DCNR grooming crews have been hard at it reshaping the trails after last weekends onslaught. Some of the trails were so pounded, they had to be groomed three or more times. These guys have been doing a fantastic job on the trails this year. If you see a groomer coming, please slow down to a crawl and let them do their job without them worrying about having an accident.

    Click Image

    Jan. 27, 2009

    Not much to report this morning! Waiting for the next snow to come tonight.** Still waiting for the snow to start. The last forecast was for 6 - 10 inches. We will be having our hot dog run at the clubhouse this Saturday. Stop in for a free hot dog. NO TAKE OUTS! ** Update! 10 pm - It has started snowing, but not enough to show on the gauge yet. Will take a snocam picture early tomorrow morning.

    Click Image

    Jan. 26, 2009

    The club's groomer was out Saturday night and last night grooming the trails in the Asaph area North of route 6. The Tioga State Forest DCNR grooming crews were scheduled to groom last night also. ** There were a lot of sledders up for the weekend. The trails really got hammered and the thick ice base saved a lot of trails from being bare. We really need some fresh snow on top of that ice base and it looks like we are going to get some Tuesday night into Wednesday. I just checked 4 different forecasts and they all agree on snow. How much? It's too soon to tell. The heavier amounts might go South of us. There is also a warming trend in next weeks forecast. I'm sure that makes Al Gore happy! His global warming theory didn't seem to be working for the last few weeks. ** The crew from Jarrettsville stopped by the clubhouse yesterday afternoon. They are the same ones that stopped on New Years Day when I was watching that Elk. They now deny seeing it and insist that I am suffering from illusions! You be the judge. Speaking of Rebels, John from Sneads Ferry, North Carolina stole some of our snow last week! They got it down there and we didn't get nuttin'.

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    Jan. 24, 2009

    I was asked by a friend why I didn't post a trail report this morning. The reason is that when I went home yesterday, the temps were still in their fourties and I didn't know how much snow we were going to lose. As it turned out, we did lose some, and it turned into ice as the temps dropped again. We rode way down to Haneyville yesterday and had lunch at the Mountain Top Inn. I had not been in there for quite awhile and had forgotten how good the food was and how hospitable the owner was. A good stop to make. We did hit a couple of rough trails, but all in all, most of the trails were in good shape. ** Todays report - Three of us left the clubhouse and went over Deadman's trail to Painter Leetonia Rd., to the West Rim Rd. to the Fahneystock. The Fahneystock was almost all ice with very little loose snow on top. When we got to Leetonia Rd., it was very rough and bumpy. We then went to Francis Leetonia Rd. and took that all the way to Francis Rd. Francis Rd. was in great shape until we got to the end of the Tioga State Forest. When we entered the next forestry district, the conditions were terrible. rough & bumpy all the way to Slate Run. I don't know where their groomers were. We passed one a couple of weeks ago, and it just had the pan down and was not cutting the moguls with the teeth. We were the first ones to use the trail after the groomer went by and you could feel the moguls under the freshly groomed snow. I have to give credit to the Tioga State forest grooming crews, they have done a great job this year.

    Click Image

    Jan. 23, 2009

    Dave took the club's groomer and went over the Left Asaph, Supply & Goodall Trails yesterday. Roy will get the Right Asaph this morning. Five of us rode out the West Rim Rd. to the Mine Hole Rd. and then up Leetonia Rd. to Cushman Rd. to Francis Leetonia Rd. (Whoever named these roads anyway?) We went down to Francis Rd. (confused yet?) Then took Francis Rd to Slate Run Rd. and down to Hotel Manor in Slate Run. Had a great lunch and then traveled back to route 44. The trail that runs along the side of route 44 was in the best shape that we had ever seen that trail. It has been widened and smoothed out since last year. We hit a few other trails and Tom & I threw in the towel and returned to the canyon. Terry, Wilmer(yes that Wilmer) & Doc kept on riding and we will see them later this morning.

    Click Image

    Jan. 22, 2009

    Seven of us rode over to Cross Fork yesterday. The trails in the canyon area were in A-1 condition. All were smooth with no bare spots and very few bumps. Once we got over to the pipeline at Pine Mountain Summit, everything was the opposite. Very bumpy ride from there to Cross Fork. Someone said that their groomer was out of service, Decided to try a different route on the return trip. Went up Cross Fork Creek Rd. to Hungry Hollow Rd. It wasn't too bad until we got to the far end and that was pretty bumpy. When we crossed route 44, it was bumpy all the way back to the fields near Germania. Once we crossed the fields, we passed the God's Country S.C. groomer working the field over near Ridge Rd. Ridge Rd. was rough until we got to Wilson Point Rd. The rest of the trip was on well groomed and smooth trails. 89 miles

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    Jan. 20, 2009

    Some of our guys were out riding today. I didn't get a trail report yet, will update later. I took a day off from riding and visited some business members. I had to get some maple tapping supplies from Patterson's and they renewed their business membership while I was there. Nice folks to deal with!** There is still plenty of snow and cold temps to keep it here. The snogauge on our snocam always shows less than the actual amount. There are a couple of pine trees that shelter it and I can't put the gauge any further away from the camera. I was back in my woods bringing some firewood down to my firewood rack, which is located closer to the house. There is much more snow in the shaded woods than there is out in the open near the snogauge. ** Trail Update! The guys went to Pat Reeder's for lunch and then to the Fin, Fur & Feather for some fuel. They rode around down that way and then returned to the canyon. most trails were in good shape and DCNR grooming crews were out. Our groomer is working in the Asaph area tonight and we have a crew scheduled for Thursday & Friday. Please become a member of our club and help support our trail maintenance and web-site efforts to enhance the sport.

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    Jan. 18, 2009

    DCNR grooming crews were out again last night. Bear Run & Francis roads were so beat up, they did them twice. Also did Thompson Hollow and other roads in that area. We are going over to the God's Country S.C. breakfast this morning, will post any updates late this afternoon.*** Afternoon update! All the trails that I rode on today were Rough! The same trails were groomed last night, but the traffic was so heavy, the trails got pounded. I groomed the trail behind the clubhouse yesterday between the clubhouse & Ansonia. I made three passes and it was already beat up by 9:30 this AM. Went to God's Country S.C. breakfast. They served over 350 by the time I left. I was going to ride this afternoon, but the trails were so rough, I just hung out at the clubhouse for awhile and then went home to watch some football.

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    Jan. 17, 2009

    We had some bitter cold temps last night and early this morning. Even so, we had a lot of die hard sledders out today. Most of the regular crew here at the club didn't get to ride because we were too busy taking care of business here at the clubhouse. Ralph & Marie in the kitchen, Nipper doing 50/50 chances, Janice doing memberships, Dave & Tom went across route 6 and groomed Dry Hollow Trail. I took the work sled with a drag behind it and groomed the trail between our clubhouse and Ansonia. The Tioga State Forest groomer crews have been busy grooming most of the joint-use trails. Everyone that stopped at the clubhouse remarked how great the trails were. Ralph & Marie will be at the clubhouse tomorrow. A few of us are going to meet at 9:30 and ride over to the God's Country breakfast. We will then return to our clubhouse to help out there.

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    Jan. 16, 2009

    Web Site: F. & S. Demo Rides at Keeners Store Sat. & Sun.
    Seven of us met at the clubhouse and rode out West Rim Rd. to the Mine Hole Rd. and then up Leetonia Rd. to Francis Leetonia Rd. We followed that to Randall Rd. & then down Rouch Rd. to Germania. All roads were in great shape except the Rouch Rd. which was hard packed snow over ice with little lubrication for the track. ** After having something to eat, we decided to go visit the folks from F. & S. Yamaha over in Cherry Springs at Keeners store. After visiting with them, we decided to take a different return route home via Cross Fork. a 136 mile trip.

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    Jan. 15, 2009

    Phone: 1-866-376-5068
    Web Site:
    We rode to Cross Fork yesterday and the trails were in good shape. On the return trip, we saw a groomer coming our way on the pipeline and after he passed us, the trail went from good to great. The trails were freshly groomed the rest of the way back to Colton Point. ** Trail notes - Randall Rd. has some log trucks using it and you are better off using the pipeline. The route 44 trail down towards Pat Reeder's had a lot of work done on it this past summer. The trail has been widened and smoothed out with improved drainage.** The Coach Stop Inn is having a winter fest with all kinds of activities Jan. 16 - 19. If you go, make sure that you tell them you saw it here. It is just up the road from the clubhouse. Parking at the clubhouse is limited to members only. The clubhouse will be open Sat., Sun. & Monday this weekend. Ralph is feeling better and will be in our kitchen this weekend. He is making some homemade soup. Stop in and renew your membership, or sign up if you are not already a member.

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    Jan. 14, 2009

    We are planning to ride to Cross Fork today. There should be about 6 of us leaving at 9:30am. We have some more new business members. Don't forget to check the business member section of this web-site for lodging, dining, snowmobile dealers and other services & businesses. **It is zero outside, that little rabbit under the pine tree on this morning's snocam picture sure looks cold. It is supposed to warm up a little for the weekend.

    Click Image

    Jan. 13, 2009

    We try to answer as many e-mails as possible, but there have been several lately that ask questions that have the answers right there in front of them on the web-site. Lodging, trail conditions, etc. I have not updated todays trail conditions page yet because I have been tied up answering emails about things that are already on the website. Things are really flying right now with all the snow and a big weekend coming up. Sorry, but we will not be replying to any emails that ask questions that already have the answers in plain sight. ** Now to get to the 'No Bull' trail conditions. - We rode 92 miles today and did not come across any bare or bony spots, anywhere! The Tioga state forest grooming crews did a fantastic job on the trails, A big ATTA BOY to them! There were only a couple of trails that were a little bumpy. When we crossed into neighboring state forest districts, the conditions were not as good. Trails were all snow covered, but there were fewer groomed trails. They did have their groomers out, but we must have hit the wrong trails. If you are planning on coming to the area, you had best make your reservations now.** There will lots of sleds on the trails, so please ride safely and slow down on those curves & hilltops. ** 'If There is snow, you must go!'

    Click Image

    Jan. 12, 2009

    All trails are snow covered with an ice base. Having a meeting with DCNR this afternoon to discuss some trail access issues. ** All Tioga state forest joint-use trails were groomed by the DCNR crews Saturday & Sunday night. Our club groomed the Dry Hollow trail from the clubhouse to Ansonia. Most trails have 3 to 5 inch snow cover with an ice base.

    Click Image

    Jan. 11, 2009 (9:oopm report)

    We had some young visitors to the clubhouse today.

    Click Image

    Jan. 11, 2009 8:30pm report

    Dave & I went over to the God's Country breakfast this morning. Thompson Hollow Rd. had plenty of snow, but was a little bumpy. E. Shambaker Rd. was thin but rideable up to the junction with Ridge Rd. Ridge Rd. had a lot of those seismic cables across it, so use caution that you don't snag one with your skis. We bumped into three riders who I had taken a picture of a couple of years ago. They asked me to please take a picture so that their poor friend Darryl, who could not make it, could see what he missed. You can see by the expressions on their faces how much they missed Darryl. I had put a caption with this picture, but it didn't turn out. It said' Darryl, Wish You were here. Breakfast & riding was great!** Roy, our newest groomer operator went up the Right Asaph, Sand Rd. Spoor Hollow Rd and return. Dave went back to man our clubhouse and I went with some riders who showed me how to get to the gas station in Sabinsville.

    Click Image

    Jan. 11, 2009

    I was supposed to spend the night over in Potter Co. at my friends camp. When I got over there after being at our clubhouse all day, the snow was so deep, I couldn't get up the drive to his camp. I had to back my trailer up to a point where the snow was a mere 7 inches to get turned around. ** Groomer reports - Our guys were out Saturday morning and groomed the Left Asaph, Old Supply Trail and Goodall Rd. North of route 6. The Tioga state forest DCNR groomer crews will be out Saturday & Sunday night grooming the trails South of route 6. We should have plenty of snow for riding this week, but the temps are going way down towards the end of the week. If you are planning on a visit to this area later in the week, bring some warm clothes.

    Jan. 10, 2009

    For your convenience, we have added a weather radar to the categories menu. This will save you a few steps and you can also click onto national & other area radars from this site. Today is the last day of muzzleloader hunting season. ** Be careful of motor vehicles on the state forest roads. ** The 8am forecast is calling for 5 to 10 inches of snow before it stops late tonight. YA-HOO! I am going to man our clubhouse today and will be away from the computer until tomorrow night.

    Click Image

    Jan. 9, 2009

    We only had a dusting of snow so far. I just finished checking 4 forecasts and they are calling for snow. They were all saying snow the other night and we didn't get any. As of now, there is some snow in the higher elevations, with ice underneath it. IF we get the snow, our groomer plans to operate and we will have someone at the clubhouse. Food will be available. The present riding conditions are from fair to poor. Some more snow would change this. I promise to update this site as conditions change. UPDATE 11am - I received a report that that got some more snow over near Germania. They needed some over that way because the fields were bare. Comeon' snow!****** 4pm UPDATE! There are isolated bands of snow going thru the area. Some areas are getting a lot more snow than others. The main snow formation is located over OH10 at the moment. It will probably not arrive here until late tonight. You might be riding in the snow tomorrow morning and visibilty could be a problem. It looks like whatever we get will be around for awhile.

    Jan. 8, 2009

    We didn't get any snow last night. There might be an inch or so later today. There is snow in the forecast almost every day, but no major amounts. A storm is supposed to come through Saturday, with maybe a few inches with it. It's too soon to tell. ** I received an e-mail from Harrison Langley of the Hyner Mountain Snowmobile Club. He informed me that they now have a snocam and asked if I would put a link to them. I installed a link to their snocam & also one under the 'club links' section. Check it out!WARNING! The coating of ice that covers much of this area is extremely slippery! The ice was soft yesterday, but the cold temps overnight hardened it and the we had a dusting if snow on top to make it worse. Please be careful!

    Jan. 7, 2008

    Web Site: Snow??
    I just checked several different weather forecasts for tonight. They all agree that it will snow. They don't agree on how much. I will use the tried and true method of sticking my head out of the door and looking. I will snap a snocam shot in the morning so you can see for yourself.

    Jan. 6, 2009

    Had a couple of bucks visit then snocam last night. One of them had a nice rack. The snow word is back in the forecast. It is for only 1-3 inches. We will just have to wait and see how much we get later in the week.*****10pm UPDATE **We had a little snow & sleet/freezing rain tonight, but nothing to amount to a 'hill of beans' I did a little research today and the news isn't good. I had a phone call last week from a sledder who informed me that E. Shambaker Rd. in Elk township was being plowed and the plow operator told him that he wasn't allowed on this road. I know that this road is on the brand new 2008 trail maps, but local governments and DCNR don't always communicate with each other. The townships have to plow the roads for full time residents. This ends up costing the rest of the taxpayers more money to maintain roads for a couple of people. This has happened in many townships in Pennsylvania and results in a loss of snowmobile trails every year. The squeaky wheel does work. It works for these minorities and instead of sitting around grumbling about it, use it yourself. Talk to your state representative and ask about creating more trails within the state forest boundries to replace these lost joint use trails. As more and more people move into the area and try to make it more like where they just escaped from, we will lose more and more trails to pacify their desires. It's sort of like the people who move to the desert and the first thing they do is plant grass seed. If you buy a house on a 'No Winter Maintenance' road, it shouldn't have to be changed just because you decided to live there. If you bought a swamp, would the rest of the taxpayers have to pay to have it drained so that you could build on it? **** Don't forget our monthly meeting this Thursday the 8th - 7:30 pm at the clubhouse.

    Click Image

    Jan. 5, 2009

    We need some more snow. The weather forecast does not look too promising for now. But things can change in a hurry. There is some snow in the forecast for later in the week, but no large amounts predicted.** I am looking for someone who knows how to get from Spoor Hollow Rd. over to the gas stations in Middlebury Center. LEGALLY! If anyone knows of a legal trail, please contact me.

    Click Image

    Jan.2, 2009

    The last snow that we received was spotty in some areas. There are some trails with enough snow and others that are thin with bare spots. We are supposed to get a little bit more snow, but nothing major. Earlier in the week the weatherman was talking about a coastal storm. This snow will be coming from the West. I don't know what happened to the coastal storm. Just remember that there is a lot of ice under that snow. Use caution! * I'm still kicking myself in the butt for not getting a picture of that Elk with my cell phone yesterday. Maybe I will see him again when I have my regular camera with me.

    Jan. 1, 2009

    Web Site: Happy New Year!
    We have enough snow and cold temps for the next few days to ride. Maybe a little more snow coming. So what are you waiting for? There are plenty of lodging places and restaurants listed in our business member section.** New years is a good time to replace those smoke detector & camera batteries. It is also a good time to renew your membership to your favorite snowmobile club. If you are a past member, just send money - we have your info on file! New members? Form is downloadable from this site. Just $10.00 for a family and $25.00 for a business. Join now and avoid the people standing in line at the clubhouse. Yuk, Yuk. ** I took a ride this afternoon and was a little disappointed in the trail conditions. I hooked up with Ed & Linda from the Adams Co. snowmobile club. They were with their son and his friend and wanted to find the way to Germania. I was glad to have someone to ride with and showed them the way. Thompson Hollow Rd. was bony in spots and E. Shambaker was plowed. Mill Run & Cedar Mt. were OK, but Ridge Rd. was thin where they had logged and the sunshine had taken its toll. Most of the fields around the God's Country Snowmobile Club were thin & bare in spots. I bumped into Jim & Betsy from Bear Mt. Candles over in Germania. They just bought Harold's old house next to the Germania store. On my return trip, I came across another bull Elk standing in a field. He was at least a 5x5 or bigger. I didn't have my camera with me, but 3 riders from Jarretsville Maryland came along and they saw the Elk too. It wasn't until I happened across a couple of their friends checking their cell phone for towers that I realized that I had my cell in my pocket and it has a camera built in. DUH! I have never used it because I always have a camera with me. One of the guys asked me about Augie the Doggy. He is getting his own fan club. He is a evil, but loveable little dog. He has become a little less evil since I got him a training collar. They work! I never owned an ankle biter before, and they have a lot of energy. ** The trail from Hungry Hollow Rd. down to Ole' Bull Park has a couple of trees across it. You can get over them, but use caution. I will call the park tomorrow.

    Click Image

    Dec. 31, 2008

    I woke up this morning to a beautiful sight. But my friend Murphy has been busy at work. I took some pictures with the Snocam and they turned out fine, but they wouldn't upload to the sight. So, I took this picture with my regular camera out the back window. These computers have a mind of their own! After many attempts to get the Snocam to upload, I gave up and did a few 'Honey Dos' around the house. I came back this afternoon and everything worked fine. We had at least 4 inches of new snow and I plan on riding tomorrow. Two trail items of interest. - I spoke to a sledder who said he was stopped by DCNR rangers at Ridge Rd. and the pipeline. He was told that the section of the pipeline between Thompson Hollow Rd. and Ridge Rd. is and has been closed to snowmobiles. If this is true, there has to be better signage put out there. If you come up the woods trail to the pipeline from the end of Thompson Hollow, there is nothing to tell you to stay off of the pipeline. I called DCNR yesterday and am still waiting for a return call. Also, E. Shambaker Rd. is being plowed from the bottom to the junction with Ridge Rd. The plow operator told a couple of riders that they were not allowed on this road. The new 2008 PA Wilds snowmobile map shows that this road is a part of the trail system. Will have to call DCNR on Friday to discuss this and the pipeline matter. Happy New Year!

    Click Image

    Dec. 30, 2008

    Our club met with the guys from DCNR this morning to discuss grooming. While I was over that way I found out that most of the state forest roads are ice covered. You can't ride on ice for very long without overheating your track components and your coolers. However, it does make a good base under the snow. It looks like we are going to have a rideable snow in the next few days, but don't pack your bags yet. We will update as soon as possible. If we do get enough snow, don't forget that there is a lot of ice under that snow and take it easy on the curves, especially on Colton Rd.

    Click Image

    Dec. 29, 2009

    12 noon - The weather report is calling for colder temps and some snow on Wednesday night. There is a storm coming around Friday, but it is too soon to tell which way it will track. We should get some snow, but how much is still anybody's guess. ** I took Augie for a walk back in our woods a little after 4pm. I was surprised to see there was still about 3 1/2 inches of snow in the shady areas. (Picture taken today)

    Click Image

    Dec. 28, 2008

    We lost a lot of snow due to the warmer temps. We are going over to the God's Country S.C. for breakfast this morning. Will see what things look like over that way. ** Most of the fields were bare and it looks like we will have to start from scratch when it comes to a snow base.

    Dec. 26,2008

    We hope everyone had a wonderful CHRISTmas. There was a warming period with some snow melt and then back to cold temps. This resulted in a lot of ice on untreated surfaces and a thick crust on the snow. There are warmer temps for the next couple of days and I don't know how much snow will survive this. When I walked Augie last night, there was between 6 to 9 inches of snow back in the woods. The next time the snow word is in the forecast is next Wednesday. ** Don't forget the God's Country Snowmobile Club Sunday breakfasts will start this weekend. It looks like we will be going by car. ** The new 2008 PA Wilds maps are out and starting to show up. They are a big improvement over last years debacle. Sorry, we cannot mail you any. Our postage budget is already past the limit.

    Click Image

    December 25, 2008

    Web Site: Merry CHRISTmas
    I woke up last night and turned on the light. I peeked out the window into the night. And what did my old eyes happen to see, but some of Santa's deer looking back at me. My eyes searched the night as I scratched my head, I couldn't see the old gent, so I went back to bed. * Keep Christ in CHRISTmas, In God We Trust on our money, Fly the American Flag and God Bless America!

    Click Image

    Dec. 23, 2008

    The Tioga State Forest grooming crews have been out grooming for the past few days and hit most of the main trails in this area. Our source told us that the conditions are better than he has seen in fifteen years. I heard the same remark from a different source earlier today. I stopped off at a business member to drop off some material and they told me a customer had told them them same thing. I hope the weatherman is wrong about the warm temps coming.

    Click Image

    Dec. 22, 2008

    Winter began yesterday and we had some bitter cold last night. DCNR was supposed to groom last night, but the snow doesn't groom as well when it gets real cold. Maybe I will get a report later. ** There are a lot of people who don't know the difference between state FOREST and state GAME LANDS designated trails. You can ride on state FOREST designated trails the day after regular deer season ends. That day begins at 12:01 Saturday night. Those of you who were out riding Saturday night last week could have been cited. You can ride on designated state GAME LANDS trails 'beginning the third Sunday in January through April 1' This quote is taken from the game commission hunting digest. The DCNR website says January 15. I think this is incorrect. My wife pointed out to me that the third Sunday in Jan. would be the 18th. I thought that since muzzleloader ends on the 10th, The 11th would be the first day. Sorry about that, I always try to double check my info, my wife saved my butt again! To be on the safe side, I would not sled on Game Lands trails until the 18th. ** Our guys took our big groomer out today and groomed the Left Asaph Rd. up to Shin Hollow, turned around and groomed back to the Old Supply trail . Went out there to the McCarthy trail & groomed down to the Antlers restaurant & then back up the McCarthy trail to the Supply trail. They turned right and went out to the Goodall tower. Then then went out the upper portion of the Dry Hollow trail to the turn-around loop at the top of the steep hill & back to the Goodall Rd. & down to the bottom and back to the Asaph area.

    Dec. 21, 2008
    Forry's Trail Fund 20 Ole Bull Rd. Cross Fork PA
    Phone: 814-435-2622
    DCNR groomed several trails in the Tioga State Forest last night. Among them were Colton Rd., West Rim Rd., down Mine Hole Rd.,then up rt. 801 to Cedar Mountain Rd. and over the mountain down to Thompson Hollow Rd. and then back to Ansonia. Our club groomed the Dry Hollow Trail on the North side of route 6 from the clubhouse East to Ansonia. * I rode over to Germania this afternoon and Colton Rd. was a little thin in a couple of spots and Thompson Hollow Rd was getting a little bony. Where the trails narrow down from the fields to go over bridges and through wood plots, they are getting pretty bumpy. * Had three Bozos come around a curve on my side on the Colton Rd. this afternoon. They had to move because I was as far over to the right as I could go.* The folks at Forry's Country Store in Oleona are trying to develop a trail down to their store. They are working with the forestry people and there is a gully that has to be bridged. This will require some funds and our club has made a donation to them. If this trail is completed, it would be another place to get some food & gas. Please send donations to Forry's Trail Fund, 20 Ole Bull Rd., Cross Fork, PA 17729. Please mention that you saw this request on our site. There is no legal trail to the store as of yet. Please do not try to go there on a sled, as they are trying to keep peace with their neighbors.* I got an email from 'Biff' It had no reply address - Sorry Biff, could not reply.

    Dec. 20, 2008

    Three of our guys rode over to Slate Run today. While the trails were not groomed, (yet) there was plenty of snow and the trails were not too rough. DCNR crews will be grooming tonight from 9p til 6a. Same for tomorrow night. I hope to get a report from them after they are done. I didn't get to ride today, had a family function to attend. It worked out well, because I could not get on this site this morning to update it because my dial-up connection kept disconnecting me. I ended up making my report from 165 miles away on a better connection. **** I had an email tonight - does anyone know if the El Rancho is still in business? If so, please email me some details. Thanks. ****UPDATE **** It is 5:30 Sunday morning and it is snowing and the wind is blowing. The snow plow just went by the house. I am going to ride sometime today.

    Dec. 19, 2008

    It started snowing around 8am this morning. 4 inches are expected by noon and up to 10 inches by 6pm. Snow is also expected for Sunday morning. We will update the snocam pictures as the snow accumulates. Think Snow! **********UPDATE! as of 2:30pm, we have 5 1/2 inches here at the house. We have 6 new business members, the latest being the Sherwood Motel, where I took this picture at noon today. Remember, our business member section has links to websites and emails of many Lodging places, Restaurants, Snowmobile dealers as well as the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce and the Tioga County Visitor's Bureau. Please mention our site when communicating with any of our business members. We have also added a Google search bar to the bottom of our home page. **** UPDATE! It is 4:30pm and it has stopped snowing (for now) We didn't get the 10 inches that the weatherman predicted, but there is enough to ride. There might be a little more snow late tonight and Sunday afternoon.

    Click Image

    Dec. 18, 2008

    It looks like we will be getting some snow tomorrow. How much? I don't trust the weatherman, he has let me down too many times! FYI - The Ansonia Country Store at the entrance to the canyon WILL BE OPEN THIS WEEKEND and has gas. After this weekend, they will be closing for the winter. They were open last weekend, but ran out of gas and could not get any delivered that day. Our club's December meeting was postponed last week due to icy roads and will be held at the clubhouse tonight. 7:30 pm The yellow $20.00 ticket winners will be drawn! Come on out and meet some of the members! ******* UPDATE! We might be getting 4-8 inches of new snow. The freezing rain/sleet-snow line will be near route 6. Will post more updates as they come in.

    Click Image

    Dec. 15, 2008

    We lost a lot of snow last night due to warm temps. We did manage to get in 88 miles of riding yesterday, also picked up a new business member - The Germania Store and gas station. Lonnie & his wife Roxy asked me to spread the word that if they are closed and you are low on gas, ask the people at the Germania hotel or the Waldheim to give them a call, and they will open up for you. This doesn't mean that you should sit in a restaurant for an hour or more and then call them late at night. If you need gas, take care of that first and then go get something to eat. * We took the O'Conner Trail yesterday and it had a couple of huge mud puddles on it and a lot of those seismic wires. I would not use this trail if you don't want to get your sled all hogged up. ** 5pm - I forgot to mention that I found a pair of cotton gloves with a logo on them in the Colton parking lot. If these are yours, contact me. * I walked Augie the doggie back in our woods this afternoon and was surprised to see that there is still a lot of snow back there.

    Click Image

    Dec. 14, 2008

    Today was the first day that the state Forest trails were open to riding. Our club always goes out on this day to inspect the trails for downed trees or washouts or any other problems that might have come up since September when we cleared the trails. We would like to thank Don from Willow Street and Dave and son Jesse from Lewisburg for going along and helping to clear the trails of downed trees, etc. We went up the Dry Hollow trail on the North side of route 6 and rode out to the left Asaph trail. After inspecting these trails, we stopped at the Asaph picnic area and spoke to a group of sledders that included three generations of snowmobilers. Father from Shin Hollow Rd. and his daughter and her family from Schulykill Haven. * We found a couple of locked gates which we have since reported to DCNR. We then went over towards Germania for some fuel and something to eat. Colton road had a lot of ice under the snow and caution is advised. Thompson Hollow road is ice with hard packed snow and very little loose snow for cooling and lubrication. Recommend using Mill Run road and Cedar Mountain road instead. Caution! There are utility workers working on many of the trails installing wires for seismic testing for gas deposits. There were a couple of near misses when sleds came speeding close to these workers. Please use some common sense and slow down when approaching these workers. There are a lot of wires across the trails and you don't want to snag one. Please don't damage their equipment because it will just prolong their presence out there on the trails. * The God's Country club does not have all of their trails marked yet due to this early snow. There are some changes to the trails between Germania and Carter Camp and also along Short Run road. Please respect these private land owners wishes and stay on the marked trails.

    Click Image

    Dec. 14,2008

    Trail inspection crew - Don, Dave & Jesse

    Click Image

    December 13, 2008

    We had another inch of snow last night. It was 10 degrees when I was out hunting this morning. Tomorrow looks good for riding conditions. If the weatherman is right, the conditions don't look so hot for Monday. Be careful riding tomorrow. This is the first day of riding season and you might come across a dead tree or two. If you find any hazards, please report them to us and we will notify DCNR. Please try and be as accurate as possible when reporting where the hazard is. (Nearest intersection, name of roads) Remember to slow down on hills & curves and stay on your side of the trail. Also slow way down when passing oncoming sleds, hikers & skiers. Don't give our sport a bad name with rude trail manners.

    Click Image

    Dec. 12, 2008

    We had 7 1/2 inches of beautiful new snow this morning. Sunday is the first day that you can ride on state FOREST trails. I plan on taking an inspection ride of the trails that our club maintains to check for downed trees or any other problems. I will be taking a chainsaw with me just in case. If all goes well, I plan on riding over towards Germania after the trail inspection. If anyone wants to go along, email me at or call 814-258-7553 after 6:30pm. I will be at the clubhouse between 9:30 & 10am Sunday morning.

    Click Image

    Dec. 11, 2008

    Because of ICY roads, our monthly meeting is postponed until Thursday, Dec. 18 at the clubhouse - 7:30pm. The yellow $20.00 ticket winners will be drawn then.

    Dec. 09, 2008

    I stopped in at the Fin, Fur & Feather down in Haneyville the other day. I wanted to make sure that the new owner was going to be open & sell gas this winter. I always keep a supply of brochures in my vehicle and I asked if I could leave some on their counter. He said sure & we got to talking and he became our newest business member. Please support our business members, they support our club and the sport. There are all kinds of lodging, restaurants, dealers & other services listed in our business member section on this site.

    Click Image

    Dec. 08, 2008

    There is only one week left before snowmobile season starts. Next Sunday is the first day that you can ride on state forest trails. (If we have enough snow) ** Below is a picture of a Elk that I took this past weekend in Cambria County, PA. I was about 35 feet away from him when I snapped the picture. What a thrill!

    Click Image

    November 29, 2008

    If you check out this morning's snocam picture, you will see a nice large doe under the small cherry tree. I snapped the picture as soon as I turned the spotlight on. I thought that she would spook & run when the light went on. As luck would have it, she didn't. However, it takes about two minutes for the picture to download to the snocam address. While I was waiting, she stood on her hind legs and ate some cherries off of the tree. When the camera was finally ready to take another picture, she had beat feet.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    My wife and I traveled to Mexico & Central America last week. It got me to thinking that maybe we should give thanks for some of the things that we DON'T Have. 1 Armed guards with shotguns standing outside the banks. 2 Checkpoints along the highway with soldiers armed with automatic weapons. 3 Undrinkable water. 4 Steel bars and razor wire outside our homes & shops. 5 Huge, hardened padlocks on everything. 6 Litter, litter everywhere. The list goes on. Our country has it's problems, but they are nothing compared to other parts of the world. So say a prayer to whomever you may choose and give thanks for some of the things that we don't have. Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless!

    Click Image

    November 26, 2008

    You cannot ride on state forest trails until Dec. 14, 2008. However, you can ride on private trails if you can find enough snow and have permission from the landowner. Today is the last day of bear hunting season and next Monday begins two weeks of deer hunting season. I would not recommend riding anywhere where there might be hunters. You don't want to spoil their hunt and make anymore enemies for snowmobiling. I was out bear hunting this morning and came back for lunch. I just had to take a quick spin around our property and give Augie the doggie his first snowmobile ride. He loved it!

    Click Image

    March 28, 2007

    The last of the ice on our pond disappeared today. There is still a few pockets of snow back in the cooler spots in the woods. I did something desperate today, I took the plow off of my ATV. I hope it works like when you wash your car - it always rains afterwards. I sort of doubt it. Don't forget the outdoor show in Cross Fork this Saturday. The trail condition page will go to the bottom of the list after this Sunday. Our trout tournament will be the next event that our club has going on. This is our main fund-raiser and we also give back to the community with some of the profits. We support four local charities, a couple of national ones and also sponsor three scholarships for local high school seniors. Don't forget our business members, they help the club and deserve your support.

    Click Image

    March 24, 2007

    The fat lady hasn't sung yet, but she is not snowmobiling either. The warm temps and rain have turned the snow into mush. UPDATE - While the snow was like mush earlier this week, I spoke to a rider who went out at night when The temps were colder. He said the snow firmed up and made for some pretty good riding. The snow is mostly gone now and it doesn't look good for next week. The temps for the next few days are going to stay above freezing. There is still another week to go before the snowmobiling season ends. Don't forget the last breakfast this Sunday at the God's Country/Black Forest Snowmobile Club over near Germania. Also the first annual outdoor show in Cross Fork is next Saturday the 31st. See you there!

    Click Image

    March 20, 2007

    I did some local riding yesterday - about 30 miles worth. I am a little stiff and sore from all the bumps and side hills. Those groomed trails over at the PA Grand Canyon have me spoiled. We got about another inch of snow yesterday. Eat your heart out Harrison! I was watching a flock of turkeys this morning and the jakes and gobblers were strutting and fanning. Pretty soon the early mornings will be full of the sounds of gobblers hollering from the hilltops.

    Click Image

    March 18, 2007

    I have one question to ask those of you who have put their sleds away for the summer already, WHY??? You missed a great weekend of sledding. We have had sledding in March for the last five years and cannot understand what the big hurry is to put your sleds away before the season is over April 1st. We rode over to the God's Country breakfast and after we left there, proceeded to the pipeline and did some powder snow riding over to route 44 at Pine Mt. Summit. We returned via Randall Rd., Cushman Rd., Wilson Point Rd., Ridge Rd., Mill Run to Thompson Hollow and back to Colton Point. The trails were starting to get thinner as we got lower and closer to the clubhouse. The sun was strong and the snow will be disappearing from a lot of the lower trails. There is still lots of snow on the higher elevations for the diehards.

    Click Image

    March 17, 2007 - 7pm

    I got a chance to do some riding this afternoon while my wife and her sister manned the clubhouse. We rode out through Leetonia and went down past the Mine Hole to route 414. There was snow the entire way. Usually, once you get to the Mine Hole the trail starts getting pretty thin from there to 414. Not today! We started back and some of the guys wanted to get something to eat and get some gas so they headed towards Slate Run and I headed back to the clubhouse. The trails had plenty of snow on them, but were not groomed. They were narrow in spots, but fairly smooth. When oncoming sleds approached, you had to go really slow in the deep snow on the side. We will be going over to Gods Country in the morning for breakfast.

    Click Image

    March 17, 2007

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day! We had about about a foot of snow. I was watching the weather channel this morning and they were saying what a wet heavy snow this was up in parts of New England. Not true here where we had the colder temps. It is supposed to be windy tomorrow and this snow will drift if it doesn't warm up some. It is 17 degrees at the moment. I have to go plow my driveway out so I can get over to the clubhouse later this morning. Have a great day!

    March 16, 2007 - 7:15pm

    It is SNOWING and it looks like we are going to get a real dumper. FYI ** The Colton Point Motel is closed. Ron & Nancy are on a well deserved vacation. The Ansonia Country Store and gas station at the entrance to the canyon is also closed for vacation. Make sure your sled is full of gas before you start out. The clubhouse will be open tomorrow from 10 til 4. It looks like we will be sledding over to the God's Country breakfast on Sunday morning. We will leave the clubhouse at 8:45 and the DCNR parking lot at 9:00. Strongly advise women and children start out from the clubhouse so they can use the heated bathroom before going on ride. There are no facilities on the way. * UPDATE * It is still snowing, but this is not like the usual heavy wet March snows with the big flakes. The temps are cold and the snow is very light and fluffy. It will not pack well unless it warms up a little. We could end up with 10-12 inches or more.

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    March 13, 2007

    The turkeys & crows are departing from the large flocks and starting to gather in smaller groups. The geese are also flying north. Spring is almost here, but we can still get that one last snow. It ain't over til its over! * The winner of our 50/50 drawing at our March meeting was Jeryl D. of Dover, PA - Congratulations Jeryl!

    March 12, 2007

    There were a few die-hards out riding the pipeline this past weekend. The trails are in poor shape and the temps are supposed to be warm for the next few days. The snow word is in the forecast towards the end of the week with some colder temps. I was watching some deer last night and noticed that a few of them had their summer light brown hair already. Have also seen some robins and been hearing some songbirds.

    March 9, 2007

    While there is still snow on the ground, the trails are bare in the lower elevations and getting pretty beat up in the higher ones. The weather forecast for the next few days is not very promising. There is still hope for that one last snow. March is a month of many surprises.* Now that the SNOW word is disappearing from the forecasts, we know that fewer and fewer of you will be hitting this website with warm weather approaching. There have been over 12000 hits since the first of the year. Please take a look at our business member section. There are 23 new businesses since last year. These people help support your club and deserve your patronage. There are some of you who did not renew your membership in our club or other clubs because you did not get a chance to sled this year. Please keep in mind that all of the clubs, as well as the PSSA have operating expenses to keep up, snow or no snow! There is insurance, taxes, utilities, building maintenance, trail clearing and equipment maintenance that has be done. Most of us are non-profit and work with a very tight budget. We all try and keep our dues to a minimum. Check out what it costs in other states! So if you didn't renew yet, please take the time to do so and thanks for visiting our website so often.

    March 5, 2007 * 4pm

    The cold temps are back, but the trails down low are pretty bare. We had some snow squalls move through today with a lot of wind. There is some snow forecast for Wednesday. Desperation riding for now.

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    March 1, 2007

    Four of us met at the clubhouse this morning and went out for a half day ride. We went to the north side of route 6 for a change and went up McCarthy trail to the Old Supply Trail and over to the Left Asaph. Rode around there for awhile, then went south to Rexford and over Painter Leetonia Rd to Thompson Hollow Rd.* Painter Leetonia was a little bumpy. The groomer had gone up Thompson Hollow to Cedar Run Rd. so we decided to go that way. After we reached Ridge Rd., the groomer had turned there and probably went to Wilson Point Rd. We decided to stay on Cedar Run and go down to Leetonia. From there we proceeded back to Colton Point. Most of the trails were smooth, but getting thin in spots. Don't know what is going to happen with the weather for the next couple of days. Will just have to wait and see.

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    Feb. 28, 2007

    We left the DCNR parking lot at the Colton Point entrance to the canyon. The trails were a little thin but not rough or bumpy. We went through Leetonia and out Bear Run Rd. Bear Run was rough and bumpy as it has been for this whole season. After getting down to Slate Run Rd. everything was smooth and groomed. We went up Slate Run to Manor Fork Rd. and over to the trail along rt. 44. This trail is usually full of moguls and very rough, but today it was groomed and a pleasure to ride. On the return trip, we went down the Narrow Guage Rd. to Trout Run Rd. and back up to rt.44. We stopped and spoke to John, the groomer operator and thanked him for doing such a great job on the trails. We usually average about 50% on groomed trails and the rest are rougher trails. Today, all the trails in that area were groomed and smooth. Our return trip over Bear Run was better than the one out. The groomer had been through there, but it will take more than one pass to fix that trail. We then caught up to another groomer on the Colton Rd. near the park. Over all, it was one of the best days riding that we have had in a long, long, time thanks to the DCNR groomer guys in the Tioga and Tiadaghton state forest districts.

    Feb. 27, 2007

    Dave & Tom groomed the Left Asaph, Old Supply Trail, McCarthy Trail and Goodall Rd. The temps were getting warm and the snow was starting to ball up, so they had to quit. There is plenty of snow up top, but the temps the next few days could be critical. A few degrees one way or the other could make it or break it! Too close to call right now. Update! * DCNR groomed yesterday towards Leetonia, but it warmed up and they had to stop. Most of the trails are snow covered but there are a couple of bad spots - Francis-Leetonia Rd. between Butternut and Francis Rd and Randall Rd. from Butternut out to the pipeline. Thanks to DCNR for the input.

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    Feb. 26, 2006

    I see where Tina Busshaus of Cross Fork won the Arctic Cat Snowmobile in the PSSA drawing. Way to go Tina! * We had a couple of inches of new snow last night. Might get some more today. I think Dave & I are going out grooming today. The guys will probably ride tomorrow. I have to go to an awards ceremony at 10am to receive our grant from the Tioga County Marketing Initiative Grant Awards Review Committee.

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    Feb. 24, 2007

    We went to the God's Country/Black Forest winter picnic today. There were 241 members and guests that attended. There was plenty for all to eat and lots of prizes to win. The grand prize of a 2007 550 LX DLX Polaris Snowmobile from Canyon Motorsports was won by Sue & Bill Thompson of Osceola, PA. Sue had ventured over the somewhat barren trails with her husband and other riders to the picnic on a borrowed sled. Hers had died last week and they had asked me if I knew anyone that had an engine that would fit a 1997 Arctic Cat Cougar w/carbs. A 550 if possible. Call 814-258-5729. Congratulation's Sue & Bill!

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    Feb. 23, 2007

    Friday morning - We only had a dusting of snow last night. There is plenty of snow in the woods but the trails are in poor shape with many bare spots, icy curves and moguls. If we don't get more snow, the riding would be poor at best. We local members do not plan on riding until conditions improve. REMINDER! There will NOT be anyone at our clubhouse tomorrow because we will be at the God's Country Picnic over in Germania. Also if we don't get more snow there will be no breakfast ride on Sunday. It looks doubtful that there will be anyone at the clubhouse on Sunday because of the poor condition of the trails. UPDATE!*** 6:45 pm Friday ** There is some snow up top in the higher elevations. Enough that DCNR did some grooming on Ridge Rd., Wilson Point Rd., Cushman Rd. & Butternut Hollow. Still many bare spots in the lower elevations.

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    Feb. 21, 2007

    We had a unusual situation arise this past weekend. A sledder was on the narrow Dry Hollow Trail that goes up the mountain to the Goodall Rd. He encountered a skunk on the trail. The skunk ran under his sled and would not come out. He finally had to start his sled up and run over the skunk. Now we had a dead skunk smack dab in the middle of the narrow trail. There was not enough room to go around it so you had to run over it. I found a stick yesterday and flipped the skunk off of the trail. I don't blame the driver for not going back after he ran over the skunk. I don't think I would have either. There is not enough room to turn around and running over a skunk once is bad enough without going back for seconds.

    Feb. 20, 2007

    Some of our guys went over to Cross Fork and back today. I had agreed to meet with a couple from Perry Co. and ride with them.They had never sledded in this area and wanted someone to show them around. They wanted to go somewhere and stop for lunch, but not quite as far as the rest of the gang was going. Really nice people and fun to be with. We set out to go to Slate Run, but the further we got down Bear Run Rd., the worse it got. We turned back at the gas well on top of the ridge and returned towards Leetonia. We went over to the Fahneystock Rd. and up to the West Rim Rd. We stopped to watch a few deer and a flock of turkeys. We then went to Bradley Wales for a comfort stop. The temps were warming up and the trails were getting thinner and thinner. When we got close to Colton Point state park we passed the groomer with the front blade down to bring more snow over onto the trail. That helped a lot! A big 'ATTA BOY' to the DCNR guys for doing that. It made the return trip a lot more bearable. The trails are very thin and bare in spots and we are not going to ride until we get more snow. This makes my rib happy because it means we will be going to the God's Country winter picnic by car instead of sled and she can go along to play BINGO.

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    Feb.19, 2007

    President's Day - We had a good turnout at our clubhouse this past weekend. Hope this snow sticks around for a few more weeks. It is close to zero this morning and it kind of makes you wonder about this global warming thing. I ran my sled back and forth through the trails back in my woods yesterday and still almost got stuck. There is a lot of deep soft snow out there when you get off of the trails. Don't forget! There will NOT be anyone at the clubhouse next Sat. Feb. 24th. We will all be going to the winter picnic over at the God's Country/ Black Forest Snowmobile Club near Germania. Hopefully, we will be sledding over. There will be someone at the clubhouse on Sun. if there is snow. UPDATE** I didn't go out today, but I did receive a reliable report from one of our trail spotters (Jim from Mt. Wolf) He went over thru Leetonia towards Slate Run today and the trails are getting thin when you get over that way. With all the traffic we had this weekend, it's no wonder. Our guys are going out tomorrow morning and I am meeting a couple of people that are new to the area later on in the morning. Hope to be able to show them around some. We got a lot of nice comments about the grooming that our club and the DCNR did this weekend. There were some complaints about areas beyond the scope of our coverage.

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    Feb. 18, 2007

    We finally had enough snow to have our first breakfast ride over to the God's Country/Black Forest Snowmobile Club all you can eat breakfast near Germania. They had a huge turnout, about 400 served. We had about 14 sleds show up for the ride. Some were in a hurry to get going because they had to return home to work tomorrow. They went first and we continued the ride at a more leisurely pace. When we got there the line was way out of the door. We finally got to eat and assembled outside for the return ride. We decided to take a slightly different route back and swung back through Leetonia. The trails were starting to get a little thin in spots, but all in all, they were pretty good. The trail between Ridge Rd. and Leetonia Rd. has huge moguls in it and caution should be used when crossing those fields.

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    Feb.17 , 2007

    We didn't get to ride today because we were too busy manning the clubhouse for the hot dog run. Ralph & wife Marie were busy all day in the kitchen, Nipper & Tom were taking care of memberships & 50/50s, Edgar had to run out for some potatoes, & Dave, Dave, & Brian were working on our groomer. I was taking pictures for the website and had to make a run to Wellsboro for more hot dogs. We had a great turnout and made some new friends and enjoyed seeing some old ones. Everyone said the riding was pretty good and we didn't hear any major complaints. We are supposed to get another inch or two of snow tonight.

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    Sat.. Feb. 17, 2007

    Because of the dryness of this snow, trail conditions can change rapidly. Yesterday we went out Wilson Point Rd, (it was bumpy) over Leetonia Rd. (not bad) to Bear Run Rd. That was rough with only a single lane through it. We went down Francis Rd. to Slate Run Rd. and then up to Manor Fork Rd. We went over to Trout Run Rd. and then proceeded up the Narrow Gauge Rd. to Pat Reeder's for lunch. Chris was in one of her better moods! On the return, we took the route 44 trail which had just been groomed. We caught up to the groomer and things were rough after that. The trails that were groomed were good, but some of the other trails were so-so. The groomers have been out all night and will be operating all weekend.

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    Feb. 3, 2007

    We finally got our first ride in. We left the clubhouse a little late because of yours truly. Proceeded out to Wilson Point Rd. and down thru Leetonia and from there over Bear Run Rd. to Francis Rd. and up Slate Run Rd. to Route 44. We stopped and chewed the fat with a group of riders from Latrobe that had come over from Wharton in Potter Co. On the return trip we went thru Leetonia and returned via Leetonia Rd. to the canyon parking lot. An 80 mile round trip. The conditions in the morning were from fair to good. On the return trip, the conditions were from poor to fair. Trails were thin and boney, but fairly smooth. If we don't get more snow tonight, will have to go to the God's Country breakfast by car.

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